Voice Controls for Elite Dangerous & Star Wars Squadrons

I ran into one of the coolest things ever to improve VR immersion when playing VR flight games requiring a lot of buttons or worse, keyboard key presses. It starts with VoiceAttack, a Windows program that leverages the PC’s voice recognition capabilities to map phrases you speak to actions to execute. Those actions can be a simple keypress to a complex macro with mouse and recorded audio dialog. The default profile allows a few example things like saying “calculator” to launch the calc.exe, and “close calculator” to close it, by terminating the process by name. I loaded another profile that allows me to play any chess game with my voice. But where it gets really interesting is when you combine VoiceAttack (which sells for around £10) with other professionally developed profiles from companies like HCS. HCS uses professional voice actors and even some celebrities, to record thousands of responses for the thousands of commands you can issue with your voice. It truly makes flying in VR a joy. There is nothing so cool as just saying things like “Missiles away on my mark”, “Missiles ready”, “Fire!”, “Missiles away” (or something like that). There are a number of HCS voice packs for a number of games with prices around £10. All in all, very economical way to massively increase the immersion and enjoyment of any VR game that has a lot of button presses or keyboard presses. VoiceAttack is required for HCS to work, but you can use VoiceAttack on its own if you are willing to create your own profiles.

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